Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sketchbook - Work Meeting 11/15/2012

Last week I had a meeting for work. I took the opportunity to draw the other people at the meeting.

Above is my favorite one of this session and it is the one person I do not know. I like how I rendered her hair in this drawing. Her backpack also looks good. I am having fun using the varied thicknesses of pen. 

This is Noel. I have worked with her a few time before. She is a really nice woman. I made her head a little to big in this picture.

This is Matt. We have also worked together once or twice. This was the last of the sketches I did because the meeting was wrapping up, so I did not manage to get all the details I wanted into it. It is still a nice sketch.

"Take time learning new skills and principles...
 Knowledge acquired quickly, flies out the window. 
In art the tortoise wins."
 ~ Harley Brown

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